Jarrik Bijsterbosch is a Freelance photographer. He started 7 years ago taking pictures at small sailing events at Curaçao.

After 2 years Jarrik Bijsterbosch got a lot of invitations from international sailing organisations if he could be their official race Photographer.

In 2013 he was the Official Photographer during the 5.5 World Championship Curaçao and during the 5.5 Scandinavian Gold Cup 2013.

He showed all the competitors of the 5.5 World Championship that he is not afraid to go to the limit just to get the perfect shot. He Jumped into the sea more than 2 Nautical Miles out off the coast with more than 2 knots of current and more than 2.5 meters of waves.

In 2013 he was also one of the official photographers during the Heineken Regatta Curaçao and the Heineken Regatta Saint Martin.

Jarrik Bijsterbosch was also one of the official photographers during the Blue Bay Pro-Am Golf Tournament 2013.

Two Pictures made by Jarrik Bijsterbosch were published as the Photo of the week in the Curaçao Sport Magazine.

A lot of other pictures made by Jarrik were published in other newspapers from Curaçao.

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